What Is Java Language? History ON jaba 2023

What Is Java Language? History ON jaba 2023

What is Java? – Not to mention what the programming language refers to before it’s detailed. A man’s age computer does not understand the language but our spoken language. Understand only one language whose name, machine language or binary language. So binary language or machine language but only the sum of 0 and 1.

That means, if I give a command to the computer, then only the machine language of that command is understandable. To better say, computer understands 0010100110110011 ……… No strings in this section.

What is the way to contact the computer? Do we memorize the binary instruction for millions of millions of computer’s commands? The discovery of the programming language to overcome this problem. This special language acts as an intermediary, which will take any command of the people and it will explain the computer to its language. The world’s first programming language probably meant Ada. But due to the evolution of programming language gradually, it is divided into three main categories. In which JAVA is called high-level language because it is easily understood as human language.

History of Java creation:

When the microprocessor evolution is in the human computer

In order to bring a breakthrough, Sun Microsystems took a project in 1991, with the code name – “Green”, team chief James Gosling invented a C ++ language based on the name of the name Oak-Oak. Given that he saw an oak tree outside his room. Later it can be seen that Oak already has a programming language.

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