Standard Codecs for Windows 17.1.3

Standard Codecs for Windows 17.1.3

The Standard Codec release only contains LAV filters and VSFilter with a GUI giving full control. Recently, there has been a major re-write of the GUI itself and the filters they control. Support for MKV on the xbox360 was dropped along with the removal of several deprecated codecs and the SetACL dependency.

I hope you enjoy these new releases and can find the time to send a small donation in support of continued maintenance into the future. The Save and Restore settings feature is automated and also controlled by the commandline. To have your settings restored automatically during an upgrade, all you need to do is [Save ALL Settings].

The checkboxes involved are correctly set by default to allow automatic upgrade settings restoration.

Top 10 features of the recent Settings Application rewrite:

  • Remove all unnecessary code associated with the deprecated codec removal
  • Re-organize the entire layout to be more intuitive, user friendly and visually appealing
  • Allow the user to click anywhere on the App to relocate the Settings Application on the screen
  • Add an Always On Top feature to keep the Settings Application in view
  • Activate the previous instance of the Settings Application when trying to open a new instance
  • Require Administrative privileges upon startup eliminating the need to rightclick
  • All user accounts are automatically setup and can be updated with a single click on the Misc TAB
  • Colorize and capitalize important functions to promote their significance
  • Automatically resize the App relative to the display resolution and use high quality text
  • Add a Save | Restore settings feature to seamlessly return to a previous setup

All functions are performed instantaneously. The moment you select something, the action is performed.

If you ever find yourself broken, simply press the [RESET ALL] button to return to a just installed state.

Since allowing the user to choose the Application background color (with random selection too), I have also added a way for you to personalize the Application even further with the introduction of the file called .\Tools\user.jpg. This 110×110 jpeg can be changed as you wish. Any picture or logo. Upgrade installations will not overwrite this file. It will

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