FireBase Realtime Database Developing 2023

FireBase Realtime Database Developing 2023

Very good service for Firebase Realtime Database Mobile App. One of your apps is using million users. Just like cricket scores updated. Score updates on that as soon as everyone gets updates right away. Users can also comment on that app again. Comments can be read by all users again. All right with Designing such an app, there are many complex subjects to manage the database. But the complex that uses the Firebase Realtime database is an app or a complex of ideas from any idea can be implemented in one day.

How to use Firebase Realtime Database on Android, we will look at it. First create an Android project. Then copy your bundle identifier. We will create a project from Firebase Console. And add a mobile app under that project. In the firebase article in Google Project, Google has written a detailed description of how to do this. If you have difficulty understanding then you can take it from there. Here we will see how the realtime database can be used.

If you want to use realtime database, you can click on the Database under Projects. We will not have any child for the first time. We’ll make a child. If you move the mouse over the name of the project, you can see it. Click here to add child add options. I gave a name to the child. Like I will store names from my app, so name is named. And value is Jack.

Now come back to the Android project. Compile ‘ firebase-database: 9.0.1’ should be added between project’s app-level grader’s file dependencies.

There will be a text field in our app, there will be a text editor and there will be a button. You can create a UI as follows.

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