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Designer Blocks for Block Editor by Weaver


The new Block Editor Editor (Gutenberg) provides a completely new way to edit your WordPress Pages and Posts. The standard version provides many blocks, but Designer Blocks for the Block Editor by Weaver adds several new blocks that make it easy to add modern web design patterns to your pages.

Designer Blocks for the Block Editor by Weaver currently includes:

  • All-in-One Image/Text

    Combine an image in one column with up to three text elements in the second column. You can control the size and shape of the image. You can independently control the position, text color, and font-size of the three text elements. You can switch the order of the columns.

    Not only can you control the background color, you can also specify a cover background image that can be switch to a parallax image. You control the display height of the background image. This Block allows you to easily create amazingly beautiful elements on your page.

  • Image Columns

    Create a block with up to four columns with an image at the top of the block, with a title and description under. The image can be a square, a circle, or the aspect of the original image.

    This web design pattern is found on many modern sites, and is commonly used for showing staff, product images/logos with descriptions, or other blocks with text under an image. The Image Columns block makes it trivial to create this design.


  • Image shape choice: original aspect ratio, plus square or circle in three sizes
  • Background color for columns
  • Text area text color and font-size.
  • Standard Gutenberg text properties: bold, italic, strikethrough, link
  • Wide and Full width display if theme supports it
  • Responsive – will automatically look good on desktops and mobile devices