Bali Waterfalls Map 41 Best Waterfalls In Bali 2023

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Bali Waterfalls Map 41 Best Waterfalls In Bali 2023

Thanks to Bali’s tropical climate and mountains, there are dozens of natural waterfalls to see on the island, and most of the best Bali waterfalls are easy to reach from popular areas like Ubud.

Some of the best waterfall hikes in Bali are well known tourist spots, while others are hidden gems with no people. North Bali has many of the top ‘must visit’ waterfalls on the island, but there are also some nice ones in the Ubud area. Either way, all of them are worth seeing!

Here’s my complete Bali waterfalls map and guide, with a list of the very best waterfalls in Bali!

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How Many Waterfalls Are In Bali?

There are dozens of waterfalls in Bali (maybe more than one hundred), but no one has a full count yet.

As of 2023, this blog post is the most complete list of Bali waterfalls on the internet, with 41 and counting!

However, I know of many other waterfalls in the remote corners of the island that haven’t been visited yet (including some big ones), so I’m always updating this list as I continue exploring.

Bali Waterfalls Map

Here’s a Bali waterfalls map you can use to plan your own trip. You can click the icons to get more info and directions for each point of interest, but keep in mind some of the locations on this map may be approximate.

For more detailed information on how to get to each of the Bali waterfalls on this map, you can check out my individual travel guides for each location.

Many of the best waterfall hikes in Bali require a small entrance fee and a bit of short trekking, but they’re usually not too hard to reach with a map.

North Bali Waterfalls

1. Sekumpul Waterfall

If you’re looking for the biggest and best waterfall in Bali, this is probably it! To top it off, you get to see some of the most scenic jungles and rice terraces on the island.

Sekumpul Waterfall is an 80 meter tall (260 foot) twin waterfall located in a jungle ravine in north Bali, near Singaraja. You have to see it!

This place is no longer a secret, but since it’s in the far northern part of the island and pretty far from town, the crowds are still not too bad.

It’s definitely one of the best waterfall hikes in Bali, although it takes a bit of a steep trudge to reach it.

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Sekumpul Waterfall in Bali

2. Fiji Waterfall

If you’re visiting Sekumpul Waterfall, you can easily knock out this one too since they’re only a 10 minute walk apart!

Fiji Waterfall is one of the only triple waterfalls in Bali, and you can get up close to it now thanks to a new foot bridge.

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Fiji Waterfall in Bali

3. Tirta Buana Waterfall

This is a nice multi-layered cascade about 30 minutes’ drive from Sekumpul, so it’s a good place to visit in the same trip.

Tirta Buana Waterfall also has a big natural pool with a soft current, so it’s great for swimming, although the water can be a bit chilly on a cloudy day.

The dirt trail down to the falls is short but steep, and takes about 15 minutes each way. The locals wanted to charge me 100k (~$7) for the entrance fee, but we were able to talk them down to 50k.


Tirta Buana Waterfall

Tirta Buana Waterfall

4. Banyumala Waterfall

Banyumala is another twin waterfall like Sekumpul, but it’s a bit smaller and usually much less crowded. I was all alone at this waterfall last time I visited!

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Banyumala Waterfall North Bali Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

5. GitGit Waterfall

This is easily one of the best waterfalls in Bali. It’s a new favorite in north Bali. The hike is easy and it takes you to a really big twin waterfall!

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GitGit Waterfall in Bali

6. Colek Pamor Waterfall

This is a nice 15-meter waterfall that comes from the same stream as GitGit, but it’s more secret.

Some Bali canyoning tours include this waterfall, but aside from that, it’s still mostly unknown to tourists — even though it’s only a few minutes from GitGit!

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Colek Pamor Waterfall in Buleleng Bali

7. Campuhan Waterfall

This is another twin waterfall located near GitGit. It may not be as big, but it’s still pretty nice. You can easily visit both in the same trip.

Campuhan Waterfall in Bali

8. Aling Aling Waterfall

There’s a total of 4 waterfalls at Aling Aling. The main one is a giant with a height of about 35 meters (115 feet).

The pictures don’t do it justice. This is a big, tall waterfall and it puts out a ton of mist! It’s definitely one of the best waterfalls in Bali.

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Aling Aling Waterfall in Bali

9. Kroya Waterfall

This is the 2nd Bali waterfall at Aling Aling. It has a plank for jumping (5 meter jump), or you can go around to the top of the waterfall and slide down it. Great fun!

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Kroya Waterfall in Bali    Kroya Waterfall in Bali

10 Kembar Waterfall

This is the 3rd waterfall at Aling Aling. It’s a big twin waterfall with a 10-15 meter cliff jump. Do if you dare! It’s higher than it looks in the photos.

Be extra careful with this one, because it’s a long drop and you want to land where the water is plenty deep. Your guide can point this out for you.

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Kembar Waterfall in Bali

11. Pucak Waterfall

This is the last of the four waterfalls at Aling Aling, and it’s the most quiet. There’s no jumping at this one, but you can swim or take pictures.

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Pucak Waterfall in Bali

12. Jembong Waterfall

This is another nice cascade waterfall in north Bali, just 30 minutes from Lovina.

There’s a campground and a bunch of small pools for swimming, and the main waterfall at Jembong is a multi layered cascade that looks kind of like the one at Kanto Lampo.


Jembong Waterfall Bali

Jembong Waterfall

13. Cemara Waterfall

Cemara waterfall is the third and final waterfall on a nice loop hike near Lovina where you can see 3 big waterfalls named Canging, Dedari, and Cemara. Entrance was free when we went, although that will probably change later on when it becomes more popular.

The road is steep and you need plenty of power to drive up. We had to park the car and walk awhile because the road eventually narrows, but a bike can go further if the path is dry. Bikes can park at the hydroelectric power plant, and then the walk to the waterfalls is not too far at all. Just be careful if you take a scooter there when the road is wet.

We went in the rainy season and the path was fairly overgrown. Plan on about 1 hour of uphill hiking to reach Cemara waterfall (possibly less if you park closer), and then maybe 30 minutes to go back. It’s more challenging than most of the other waterfall hikes in Bali.

Once you reach the first waterfall (Canging), the others are very close. The last waterfall, Cemara, is stunning and very big. It’s probably one of the biggest waterfalls in Bali, and pictures don’t do it justice at all.


Bali Waterfall Map Best Waterfalls In Bali Indonesia Cemara

Cemara Waterfall

14. Dedari Waterfall

The Dedari waterfall is the second of three waterfalls you can see on the Cemara loop hike mentioned above. This one is not quite as big as Cemara waterfall, but it’s still a very tall and loud waterfall that’s well worth seeing!


Dedari Waterfall

Dedari Waterfall


15.Canging Waterfall

The Canging waterfall is the first of three waterfalls you can see on the Cemara loop hike mentioned above. This waterfall is smaller than the other two, but it has a natural pool for swimming.


Canging Waterfall

Canging Waterfall

16. Munduk Waterfall

There are actually a bunch of waterfalls in the Munduk area (Munduk is the name of a village in north Bali), but this one with a single spout is one of the more popular ones in the area.

It’s definitely one of the best waterfall hikes in Bali if you’re wanting to see several falls on one trail.

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Munduk Waterfall in Bali

17. Golden Valley Waterfall

This is another nice waterfall in the Munduk area. There’s even a little food shack where you can sit and eat with a view of the waterfall.

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18. Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall

This spot has no less than 4 fantastic falls just a short distance apart, and the main one is one of the biggest and best waterfalls in Bali!

It’s a huge cascade with a leafy background and a wide, shallow pool at the bottom for swimming.

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Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall in Bali

19. Bhuana Sari Waterfall

This is another popular Bali waterfall at the Banyu Wana Amertha hiking trail, just a few minutes’ walk apart.

It has dozens of tiny waterfalls cascading down the rocks in a way that almost looks artificial!

Bhuana Sari is quickly becoming one of the most popular Bali waterfalls in the Munduk/Bedugul area.

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Bhuana Sari Waterfall in Bali

20. Banyuatis Waterfall

This Bali waterfall near Munduk looks pretty similar to Banyumala, but it’s way less famous. We were alone!

Banyuatis Waterfall has a nice pool to swim in, and it’s free to enter. It’s a 20 minute hike on a small, narrow concrete scooter path that starts near an SMK school (GPS here).

Follow the little concrete path straight through the terraces until you reach the forest, and then go down the switchbacks on the right. The hike is a little steep, but never too difficult.

Banyuatis Waterfall Bali

Banyuatis Waterfall

Banyuatis path


Banyuatis path terraces

Rice terraces

21. Santhipala Waterfall

This is a nice triple waterfall in Munduk at the end of a 20 minute hike.

The path starts by a little ticket station and concrete bridge (GPS here), and it’s mostly dirt or pavement until you’re near the waterfall, then you have to cross a small bridge over the stream.

After the bridge, find the rocky path through the foliage and continue on it until you reach the waterfall. Hidden gem!

Santhipala Waterfall Bali

Santhipala Waterfall

Santhipala Waterfall Bali

Bridge crossing

Santhipala Waterfall Bali Jungle

The jungle

22. Umejero Waterfall

This is another hidden gem in Munduk, with orange rock walls and a natural pool you can swim in.

The hike to Umejero Waterfall starts from a small parking area near someone’s house (GPS here). Walk to the edge of the house and you’ll find a smooth concrete scooter path going down. Follow this until you reach a concrete bridge at the bottom, then turn left and go past the little ticket station.

The last part of the hike is a flat dirt path in the jungle and it follows the stream for a few minutes. The total hiking time is about 20 minutes one way. Enjoy!

East Bali Waterfalls

23. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

This is a unique looking waterfall hidden at the end of a cave-like ravine.

Tukad Cepung used to be a hidden waterfall, but nowadays it can get extremely crowded, and you may have to wait your turn to take any decent photos.

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Tukad Cepung Waterfall in Bali

24. Goa Raja Waterfall

This is a recently discovered hidden gem just a short distance from Tukad Cepung.

It’s a short hike and you’re rewarded with a big cave, a waterfall, and a natural pool for swimming!

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Central Bali Waterfalls

25. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Kanto Lampo is a cascade of waterfalls running over the rocks into a natural pool below. As an added bonus, you get to see some creepy carvings in the rock walls nearby.

This is definitely one of the best waterfalls in Bali Indonesia, but you may have to queue for photos since it’s very popular!

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Kanto Lampo Waterfall in Bali

26. Nungnung Waterfall

Nungnung is one of the biggest and most powerful waterfalls in Bali. It’s a huge waterfall in the jungle, with a ton of mist flying in all directions. This one is a bit harder to reach than some of the others, but that means less crowds!

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Nungnung Waterfall in Bali

27. Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan is probably the most famous waterfall in Bali, and it’s located super close to Ubud. I wouldn’t recommend this one if you’re looking for a hidden waterfall with no crowds, but it’s still worth a visit just for the scenic views!

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28. Layana Waterfall

This is a nice 2 step waterfall in Ubud that you can see without any hiking or entrance fee. It’s actually sitting right next to a warung where you can buy food or drinks (optional) while hanging out by the falls.

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Layana Waterfall